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I make small collections so I can concentrate on each hat individually without compromising on quality.

This is a 6 hat collection and as always, made with the highest quality materials.

This year, we headed to the Italian Dolomites.
The Falzarego
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The hats aren't just made for style, they're made for the outdoors. They can take a beating and they're good in all types of weather which makes them the perfect companion whenever you leave the house.

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I also know that sometimes you want to be able to take your hat off and not have to worry about it.

The wind might have picked up in the hills, you might be too hot on the tube, you might be con your bike, or you might just have changed your mind and want to take it off for a while.

I've got you covered...

I have developed and copyrighted a clip system that means you can take your hat and clip it to your bag/belt/whatever you choose.

I can attach the system to any of the hats i make, past and present just say the word.

Using ethically sourced, fine rabbit fur felt, I craft the hats in a way that ensure they'll be good in all types of weather.

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